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Upcoming Trustee Election

On October 25, the day of municipal elections, Trustees are also being elected for the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. Well actually, only one Trustee is facing an election; all others have been acclaimed.

In Stormont-Dundas counties, incumbent Karen McAllister is running against James Borer. Mr. Borer is the father of two children in our system. He is married to one of our teachers and he is co-chair of our Board’s Special Education Advisory Committee. Mr. Borer also sits on the parent advisory committee at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. (His campaign website can be found at http://www.jamesborer.ca/

In June, our Unit sent out a questionnaire to Trustees. The intent was to share Trustees’ answers to the questions so that we could pass this information on to teachers to help them make an informed decision on election day. Only one incumbent Trustee, Robin Reil, replied. Mr. Borer, candidate for Stormont- Dundas counties, replied as well. We thank them both for their cooperation in this democratic venture.

Mr. Reil and Mr. Borer’s responses are being posted on our website. We believe that you will be impressed with their thoughtful answers. You might want to share your reactions to the survey answers in the community around you. You might also wonder, as do we, why most Trustee incumbents did not bother to respond.

Steve Kirby, PAC Chairperson


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